If you frequently travel for business and are always on the lookout for tips to make travel a fuss free experience, continue reading to discover a guide to business travel.

5 Essential business travel tips:

1. Book direct flights
While it may seem more cost effective to book flights which feature lay overs, in reality you’ll lose a lot of valuable time if you choose to book connecting flights. Worse yet, there’s always the possibility of one of your connecting flights being cancelled or delayed at the last minute. Which could cause you to miss an important business meeting. Instead try to book direct flights whenever it’s possible to do so.
2. Choose your hotels carefully
Use Google Maps in order to select comfortable hotels which are located within a stone’s throw of the businesses or venues which you plan to visit during your business trips. That way, even if traffic is slow, you won’t run the risk of being late to an important meeting or making a bad impression on a potential business partner, client or supplier.
It’s also a wise idea to book accommodation at hotels which offer free high speed internet access as well as a dedicated business center.
Lastly, make sure to select hotels which offer 24/7 check in as not only will you be able to check into your hotel straight away, no matter what time your international flight arrives but you’ll be able to trust that your hotel is safe and secure. As hotels which have staff at the front desk 24 hours a day are usually quite secure.
3. Invest in a high quality, portable suitcase
If you travel frequently for business it makes sense to invest in a high quality suitcase that will effortlessly glide through airports. If you’re in the market for a new suitcase, you may want to select a model that can be taken onto planes as a carry on item. Especially if you don’t want to wait around for your luggage when you reach a destination or can’t run the risk of having your luggage misplaced by an airline.
One reason why you may want to use a small, portable suitcase as your carry on item is that if your flight arrives at your intended destination late, you’ll immediately be able to hop into a taxi or shuttle, in order to get to your business meeting.
4. Roll your clothes in order to prevent wrinkles
As it’s not professional to turn up to an important conference or meeting in wrinkled clothes, you should get into the habit of rolling your clothes. As an added benefit, you’ll be able to fit more clothes in a small suitcase, if you roll your clothes, instead of folding your clothes the traditional way.
5. Use a garment bag to transport your suits
Place your suits on a hanger and place them in a garment bag, to ensure that your suits don’t get wrinkled in transit. You can even place your shirts in your garment bag, to keep them wrinkle free.
If you follow the 5 essential business travel tips that are listed above, you should find that traveling for business can be a simple, fuss free process.

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