In order to ensure that your next family trip goes as smoothly as possible, continue reading to discover 8 smart family travel tips that are bound to come in handy.

8 Smart family travel tips:

1. Make sure not to over pack
While it may be tempting to over pack for a fun filled family vacation, keep in mind that your children will be unable to lug heavy suitcases around and that it’s a wise idea to pack strategically. So that you won’t be stuck having to push multiple suitcases, when your children get tired.
Keep in mind that if you forget to pack a certain item such as extra t-shirts for your kids, you’ll easily be able to pick up cheap clothing or essentials while you’re traveling.
2. Try to pack all of your belongings into two suitcases
To make travel and navigating busy international airports a little easier, it’s well worth packing all of your children’s belongings in one medium or large suitcase. If you’re traveling with a spouse or partner, pack both of your belongings in a second suitcase. As it’s far easier to travel as a family with two medium or large sized suitcases, instead of trying to drag around three or four suitcases.
3. Book night flights
As long haul flights can be tough on young children, it’s a wise idea to book red eye flights, so that your children can sleep for the vast majority of your flights. As an added bonus, when you arrive at your destination, your children will be full of energy and ready to take on whatever the day brings.
4. Try to book hotels that offer kids’ clubs
While it’s highly likely that you’ll want to spend the bulk of your holiday, making memories as a family, it’s still worthwhile to stay at hotels and resorts which offer kids’ clubs, so that you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet evening to yourself. Don’t worry about your kids though as most kids love making friends at kids’ clubs and taking part in fun kid friendly activities.
5. Make the most out of family discounts
When you visit attractions such as zoos, museums and theme parks, make sure to check the price board for family passes. As you may be able to save a significant amount of money by purchasing a family pass, instead of multiple individual tickets.
6. Be extra patient with your kids
While there may be times when you get frustrated with your kids on vacation, make sure to be extra patient with your kids. Especially if they get tired during your travels.
7. Always make sure that you have snacks on hand
As it’s highly likely that your kids will complain about being hungry, when you’re on the go, make sure that you always have healthy snacks on hand. As it may be hard to find snacks, when you’re on a long drive from one location to another or are navigating a busy airport.
8. Make sure that your kids have down time
Instead of packing each day full of activities, allow plenty of down time between activities and attractions for your kids to play or rest.
So next time that you start packing for a family holiday, make sure to keep all 8 tips listed above in mind. In order to ensure that your whole family enjoys the vacation of a lifetime!

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