If you have an interest in military vehicles, aircraft and watercraft, it’s well worth planning a trip to visit the USA Army Transportation Museum, which is located in Fort Eustis, Virginia. As the museum features close to 100 different military vehicles. To discover a handy guide to planning the perfect trip, simply continue reading.

A handy guide to visiting the US Transportation Museum:
1. Head to the outdoor aviation pavilion if you’re passionate about military aircraft
If you enjoy browsing military aircraft, make sure to head straight to the museum’s aviation pavilion. A purpose built $765,000 pavilion which houses a wide variety of fixed wing aircraft as well as a plethora of helicopters. Examples of which include a OH-23 Raven, which is a military helicopter as well as a HZ-1 Aerocycle and a Mystere 4A.
As a bonus, expected to see aircraft from the Korean War to present day fixed wing planes and helicopters, which are still being used by the US military.
2. Tour the museum’s popular Vietnam War exhibition
If you find the Vietnam War fascinating, ensure to visit the museum’s dedicated Vietnam War exhibition, which features genuine items from the Vietnam war such as bikes which were used by the Viet Kong. You’ll also come across a replica of the famous gun truck the Eve of Destruction.
3. Visit the outdoor vehicle park in order to view military watercraft
Some of the military watercraft which are on display include a J-Boat and a tug boat as well as several amphibious watercraft. The latter of which can be driven on land as well as used as boats.
4. Don’t forget to visit the museum’s train exhibits
The US Army Transportation Museum is also home to an outdoor rail exhibit where you’ll find railway cars which were once part of the Berlin duty train. You’ll also find a plethora of different freight cars from different eras, located in the outdoor rail exhibit.
5. Keep in mind that the museum is located on an active military installation
As the US Army Transportation Museum is located on an active military installation, you’ll have to check-in at the guard station in order to be able to issued a visitor pass. Which will allow you to explore the museum at your leisure. Keep in mind that your car may be searched when you reach the check-in station.
6. You’ll get to view vehicles from different eras and wars
As examples as well as viewing vehicles from the Vietnam War, you’ll also get to view vehicles from the Revolutionary War and the more recent Afghanistan War.
7. The museum features a gift shop
If you’d like to purchase a souvenir from your day at the US Army Transportation Museum, you’re in luck as the museum boasts a gift shop. Where you’ll be able to purchase souvenir items such as replicas of some of the vehicles, boasts, trains and aircrafts which you viewed during your tour of the museum.
So if you’re interested in seeing some of the vehicles, aircraft and military boats listed above, it’s well worth planning a trip to the US Army Transportation Museum.

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