To learn about the history of PenAir as well as PenAir’s acquisition by the Ravn Air Group, simply continue reading to discover everything that you need to know about the history and future of PenAir. As well as useful information about tornado afterburners.

Everything that you need to know about the recently defunct airline PenAir:

1. PenAir was founded by a teenager
You may be suitably shocked to learn that PenAir was originally founded by a teenager. In 1955, 19 year old Orin Seybert decided to found his own airline, after he managed to acquire his first plane, a 1946 two seater Taylorcraft. A year later, in 1956 Seybert managed to purchase his second aircraft a four seater Piper Tri-Pacer.

2. PenAir’s headquarters were located in Anchorage, Alaska
Pen Air has its headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska and happens to be the second largest commuter airline to operate out of Alaska. The vast majority of PenAir flights originally departed from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. However, in more recent years
3. PenAir chose to use Saab aircraft to operate the bulk of their regional flights
PenAir acquired two Saab 340 aircraft in 1997, which they used to operate some of their regional flights. PenAir refereed to these planes as their PenAir Saab 340 models.
The Saab 340 is a Swedish designed aircraft which could seat between 30-36 passengers, which made the Saab 340 an ideal choice to operate PenAir’s relatively short regional flights. You may be interested to learn that the very first Saab 340 aircraft made its debut flight in 1993 and the Saab 340 was produced from 1983 to 1998. When the creators of the Saab 340 decided to retire the Saab 340.
4. PenAir made international headlines when one of its flights crashed in 2001
Unfortunately PenAir made international headlines back in 2001, when one of its plane crashed just after takeoff and caused the deaths of its pilot as well as all 9 of its passengers. Sadly the plane, a small Cessna 208 was destroyed during impact.
5. PenAir has now been acquired by the RavnAir Group
As of 2019, PenAir is now a part of the RavnAir Group and is operated by Ravn Alaska. The RavnAir Group hope that the vast majority of PenAir customers will decide to fly with Ravn Alaska, when they need to book a regional flight from Anchorage, Alaska.
What is a tornado afterburner?
If you have a passion for learning about aviation, you may be curious about what a tornado afterburner is. Simply put, a tornado afterburner is an extra component which is commonly used as part of the powerful jet engines which are used in the production of supersonic aircraft. However, it’s important to note that not all jet engines feature a tornado afterburner.
Aircraft which boast a tornado afterburner are able to achieve after burning by injecting extra fuel into their downstream jet pipe. If you have the pleasure of getting to watch a plane take off which features an afterburner, you’ll be able to see the visible effects of this process, when the plane which you’re watching takes off.
Hopefully you now have all the information about tornado afterburners and the history of PenAir which you were looking for.

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