If you’re interested in learning about the fascinating history of the RAF Abingdon, simply continue reading to discover everything that you need to know about the RAF Abingdon.

Everything you need to know about the RAF Abingdon:

1. The RAF Abingdon is now known as the Dalton Barracks
While the Royal Air Force Abingdon was given its name, when it was originally built in 1931, it was later renamed as the Dalton Barracks in 1992. When the ownership of the military base was transferred to the British Army.
2. It was used to training station for the RAF Bomber Command
When it first opened the RAF Abingdon was initially used by the RAF Bomber Command to train their crews. If you’ve never heard of the RAF Bomber Command, they were instrumental in strategically bombing Germany’s bases and armed forces during World War II. As the war progressed the RAF Bomber Command began to target industrial sites, in order to put a halt to Germany’s production of war related equipment.
You may also be interested to learn that the RAF Bomber Command had an extremely high mortality rate. With 44.4% of pilots losing their lives during World War II.
3. During World War II it served as the base for the RAF Number 10 Operational Training Unit
From the start of World War II till 1956 the RAF Abingdon’s airfield served as the base for the prestigious RAF Number 10 Operational Training Unit. One of the commanders who was tasked with running the base during WWI was Herbert Massey, who was the commander of RAF Abingdon from 1941 to 1942.
4. Dalton Barracks is now used for RAF helicopter training sessions
Today Dalton Barracks is used by the RAF in order to train their helicopter pilots. So don’t be too surprised if you see helicopter pilots completing drills over the Dalton Barrack’s land.
5. Celebrations were held at the RAF Abingdon 1968 to mark the 50th anniversary of the RAF
In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the RAF, Queen Elizabeth II visited the RAF Abingdon in order to conduct a special royal review of the RAF. This celebration was referred to at the time as the RAF Abingdon’s royal review.
6. Numerous individuals have lost their lives training at the RAF Abgindon
Sadly numerous individuals have lost their lives while training on the grounds of the RAF Abgindon. As an example, in 1941 five individuals were killed during a routine night training session. It’s thought that the individual’s were gunned down either by a German Luftwaffe plane or by friendly fire. To this day it’s uncertain whether the individuals were killed by allies or by their enemy.
However, some of the deaths which have taken place on the grounds of the RAF Abgindon have taken place more recently. As an example in 2009 a RAF instructor crashed his aircraft near the RAF’s airfield. While the instructor managed to escape death by parachuting from his aircraft, unfortunately a cadet and a tutor lost their lives as a result of the fatal crash.
Hopefully you now have a new appreciation for the RAF Abgindon, which has now been renamed as the Dalton Barracks.

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