While travel is one of the most rewarding, enriching experiences which you can participate in, travel can be expensive. In order to save money on travel, continue reading to discover a few handy tips to use, next time that you book a vacation or business trip.

How to save money on travel:

1. Choose to fly at night
You can often save money by opting to book red eye flights over flights that take off during the day. As a bonus, you should find it easier to sleep throughout a red eye flight and should arrive at your destination feeling well rested. Instead of having to contend with jet lag.
2. Use price comparison sites in order to purchase the cheapest flights possible
Another way to travel cheaply is to get into the habit of using price comparison sites in order to purchase the cheapest flights available. As within a few seconds, you’ll be able to find the cheapest available seat to your desired destination on your selected date.
While some price comparison sites will try to charge you a small fee to book your ticket through their website, once you’ve found the cheapest fare, simply book your ticket directly through the airline’s website. To avoid paying an unnecessary extra fee.
3. Be aware of some of the extra charges which airlines routinely charge their customers
When you’re comparing ticket prices, make sure to take into the account some of the extra costs which some airlines may charge you. As an example, some airlines may charge you for each checked in bag while other airlines may charge you for food and drinks or for in-flight entertainment screens.
4. Collect points with each airline that you routinely fly with
One way to earn free flights, is to sign up for membership programs with multiple airlines, so that you’ll be able to collect frequent flyer miles with multiple airlines. If you travel multiple times per year, you should find that you’re able to claim at least one free flight per year.
Even if you don’t travel often enough to earn a free flight, you may be able to redeem your frequent flyer miles for money which you can use to purchase flights at a cheaper cost.
5. Take advantage of accommodation sales
If you like the idea of being able to stay at four or five star hotels and resorts on a budget, it’s a great idea to take advantage of accommodation sales. As you may be able to save 40% off popular, highly rated hotels and resorts.
6. Use public transportation in order to get around
Instead of paying for shuttles or taxi cabs, opt to use public transportation to get around major cities. As most major cities offer excellent, reliable, cost-effective trains and buses. As a bonus when you choose to use public transportation to get around, you’ll get to mix and mingle with locals, instead of being trapped on a tour bus or shuttle with other tourists.
So if you assumed that travel had to cost a small fortune, think again. As if you’re smart, it’s not difficult to save money on travel.

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