If you’re passionate about aviation history, continue reading to discover a few interesting facts about Druine branded aircraft as well as the Himmelslaus which is also known as The Flying Flea.

5 Facts about Druine branded aircraft:

1. Druine aircrafts are named after their designer
All 5 models of Druine aircrafts are named after their inventor Roger Druine, a French aviator who was passionate about designing and building light aircraft. In fact, Druine was just 16 years old when he built his very first aircraft.
Interestingly enough Druine never worked for a large scale aviation company and built planes for his own enjoyment before he landed a job at a small amateur construction company. Unfortunately, Roger Druine passed away at the young age of 37.
2. There are 5 different types of Druine aircraft in existence
In total there are 5 different types of Druine aircraft in existence. They are the Druine 1938 Monoplane, the Aigle, the Turbulent, the Turbo and the Condor. Three of Druine’s planes the Turbulent, the Turbi and the Condor are still being produced to this day.
3, All of Druine’s planes seated were single seaters
All 5 of the planes which Druine designed were single seaters and he had little interest in designing or producing multi seater planes. Furthermore, Druine produced all of his planes on his own property, so it made sense for Druine to focus on producing smaller, single seater planes over larger multi seater planes.
4. The Turbi was constructed completely from wood
The Druine Turbi is unique as it was constructed completely out of wood. Another interesting fact about the Turbi is that many consider it to be an improved version of one of Druine’s earlier designs the Turbulent.
5. The Condor was the last plane which Druine designed before his death
The Condor made its debut flight in 1955, three years before Druine’s untimely premature death. You may be interested in read that newer versions of the Druine Condor have been produced, using Druine’s plans by Borea in France and Rollason Aircraft and Engines. The latter of which is based in the UK.
4 Facts about the Himmelslaus:
1. The Himmelslaus is also known as The Flying Flea
The Himmelslaus aircraft is more commonly known as The Flying Flea and is a single seater aircraft. While the Himmelslaus was originally designed and manufactured in France, the Germans produced a large quantity of Himmelslaus aircraft and were responsible for renaming The Flying Flea as the Himmelslaus. As the Germans were intent on giving their planes German names.
2. The first Himmelslaus aircraft debuted in 1933
The very first Himmelslaus aircraft made its debut flight on the 10th of September, 1933. When it was first released individuals could buy their very own Himmelslaus aircraft for around $350 US dollars.
3. You can still purchase a brand new Himmelslaus aircraft
If you’re interested in purchasing a single seater aircraft you’re in luck, as Himmelslaus aircraft are still being produced to this day and have not been retired.
4. The Himmelslaus was designed by Henri Mignet
The Himmelslaus was designed by French aviation expert Henri Mignet.
So there you have it a few fun facts about six incredible single seater airplanes, that you may be interested in purchasing or viewing.

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